Lindner Women in Business: Taking over the Streets of Clifton

Inspire. Empower. Connect. Lindner Women in Business emphasizes these pillars

and delivers results week after week. By reaching up, out, and down, LWiB unites a

network of students, community partners, and business professionals.  Together,

they support one another to be successful as each defines it.  This once simple idea

transformed into an empirical collaboration through the efforts of past associate

Dean Marianne Lewis and undergraduates Janelle Wichmann, Alex Loewenstine,

and Regan Noppenberger.  As a team, they built a solid foundation for what is now

one of the largest organizations within the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. With

123 active members and 13 executive members, Lindner Women in Business offers

a unique opportunity for leadership development and unparalleled knowledge.

Essentially, LWiB strives to provide value to students that will be beneficial

in future careers. Lindner Women in Business has achieved success in this area

through numerous internal and external events. In the spring of 2014, a panel of

men and women discussed “Adversity for Women in the Workforce” and spoke to

their personal experiences. This left a lasting impression about the challenges both

men and women face when it comes to rising in the workforce and managing a

healthy work-life balance. Lindner Women in Business also was fortunate to host

April Kerley, a US Paralympian silver medalist.  Although a disability is often viewed

as a handicap, April embraced her uniqueness and saw it as an opportunity to

achieve greatness. These events, along with many others, compliment our core

values and inspire undergraduate women to strive for excellence.  

This is only the beginning for Lindner Women in Business. A few upcoming

events include: a collaborative philanthropic event with Enterprise, a joint

investment planning session with Key Bank, and an operational plant tour of

Luxottica Headquarters.  Going forward, the possibilities for this organization are

endless. LWiB develops successful and driven women leaders vital to today’s

workforce. It just takes some inspiration, empowerment, and connectivity to get

For more information on LWIB contact:

Priya Mullen, Chief Operating Officer

Julie Kenning, Director of Internal Events

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